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Shishi Kaierlai Sports Goods Co., Ltd., originally known as Henghui Sports Clothing Factory, was established in September 1991. To adapt to the development of market economy, strengthen brand awareness, and standardize corporate image, in January 1998, it was renamed Shishi Kaierlai Sports Goods Co., Ltd. after the approval of relevant departments, mainly producing sports and leisure clothing. Since its establishment, following the tenet of “Development by Innovation, Survival by Quality, Credit by Service, Benefit by Management”, the company has developed into a modern production scale enterprise. Staffed with over 1,000 employees in 2004, it set up Kaierlai Huashan Branch, with a building area of 30,000 square meters.

It’s headquartered in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese — Shishi. Approved by Shishi Municipal Government in 2003, the Company bought a land with an area of 30mu in Shishi Clothing Center Industrial Zone and planned to invest RMB 140 million within three years in building a worldwide first-rate clothing production base. With a registered capital of RMB 30 million, the Company was put into production in 2005. The new Kaierlai fully shows its strong strength as a spirited, vigorous and high-quality team equipped with first-rate production equipment and comfortable and broad living and recreation environments.

Shishi Kaierlai Sports Goods Co., Ltd., as an important clothing enterprise in Shishi City, mainly produces sports and leisure clothing and is the manufacturing center of “Kaierlai” medium- and high-grade products, as well as the marketing center of “Kaierlai” brand in Chinese market. It produces 300,000 pieces/sets of “Kaierlai” sports clothing, leisure clothing, jackets, cotton-padded clothes, and leisure trousers on a monthly basis. For many years, it continuously develops fashionable new products due to unremitting efforts of all employees and makes “Kaierlai” series clothing share a high reputation both at home and abroad by its operation policy of “Flexibility, Pragmatism, Honesty”. From its very start, leaders have been attaching importance to brand construction. The brand has been carefully re-designed for four times, and each completion has been registered by State Trademark Bureau. After substantial lead of brand operation promotion plan, the brand “Kaierlai” was finally adopted. In 1994, the company comprehensively employed the Corporate Identification System, effectively building a new brand image. To standardize trademark management, the company established the “trademark management leading group” under the leadership of general manager, and also a full set of strict trademark system to ensure that the exclusive right of company trademark free of violation by others and to effectively prevent from loss of intangible assets.

The quality is the life of an enterprise. Kaierlai has passed the certification of ISO9002 Quality Management System in 1999, which is the commitment and guarantee of our product quality.

As the improvement of domestic living standards, the company develops leisure clothing with strong market competitiveness by adopting the development advantages of leisure fabrics and avoiding the drop of production of formal clothes and all cotton knitted fabric according to the characteristic of gradual subjectification of clothing leisure. It is bold in R&D and adoption of anti-static, dustproof and high-tech fabrics, carefully introduces advanced technology of large manufacturers at home and abroad, and keeps improving and produces high-quality clothing, guaranteeing “Kaierlai” clothing products to obtain good social effects and more consumers.

In the recent ten years, the company steadily and rapidly develops while adhering to the operation principle of “Integrity & Pragmatism, Development & Innovation”. It has invested huge capitals for industrial newspapers and periodicals, business magazines, and city guideboards to promote its brand “Kaierlai”. Each year, the company participates in Spring Canton Fair, Autumn Canton Fair, Shanghai East China Fair, Cross-Strait Textile and Garment Exposition and so on, providing wider space for “Kaierlai” development. “Kaierlai” garment has spread all over China, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Czech, South Africa, etc. and “Kaierlai” has passed the Madrid International Registration.

Shishi Kaierlai Sports Goods Co., Ltd. has won many honors by its strength for many years and Kaierlai leisure clothing has repeatedly won honorary certificates in provincial and national expositions, exhibitions and quality appraisal. “Kaierlai” products were designated as products of 1997 International Marathon and won the “Excellence Award” in 1998 China Sport Show. Shishi Kaierlai Sports Goods Co., Ltd., in the past few years, was granted “Product Quality Stability Enterprise”, “Advanced Enterprise in Shishi City”, “Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise”, “First-class Credit Enterprise”, and “Key Enterprise in Shishi City” by Technical Supervision Bureau, the titles like “High Quality, High Standard” by Fujian Provincial Standard Association, and the “Provincial Advanced Township Enterprise” by Fujian Bureau for Township Enterprises. We are deeply convinced that, with strong comprehensive strength and in the practical team spirit, our company will stabilize domestic market and attract more foreign businessmen to join in our cause. Welcome to join us.

As WTO international integration market competition becomes increasingly fierce, the company has established relevant future development strategies: performing staged adjustment for the whole organization, further optimizing the management system and structure, deeply integrating existing resources, and getting ready for collectivized construction. It will constantly introduces excellent domestic and foreign management professionals, absorbs more advanced management methods, and sets up a full of sound, scientific, and effective management mechanism, and thus comprehensively lays a solid foundation for the expansion of “Kaierlai” exclusive stores, strives for quick and steady development, and endeavors to Famous Trademark in Fujian Province, Famous Chinese Trademark, and Chinese Famous Brand Products”.

It’s evidenced that the secret to success of world famous enterprises is building and developing famous brands. Among constantly-changing competitions, the company develops comprehensive networking, creates famous brand image of “Kaierlai” products, and strengthens the trademark protection and management, making “Kaierlai” everlasting in domestic and foreign markets.

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